Why Banks Prioritize KYC and AML

Banking CIO Outlook | Wednesday, September 16, 2020

The increasing fraud landscape in banking has led financial institutions to adopt KYC and AML as the vital components of their action plan in dealing with security threats.

FREMONT, CA: A number of factors in recent years have brought KYC and AML to the forefront for banks and other financial institutions. To address increased regulatory pressure, the banking industry could benefit from a fundamentally different way of managing KYC and AML Compliance. To make this strategy more effective, financial companies are undertaking a technology-driven approach and ensuring proper enforcement of it. 

Client regulations like KYC and AML are now becoming a priority for financial institutions. In addition to regulatory bodies enforcing them, banks and other financial institutions themselves are developing technological capabilities that assist in facilitating KYC and AML. Business operations and transactions in financial firms are complex and fast. These aspects expose them to vulnerabilities. By formulating sound frameworks with the help of KYC and AML, firms can have better control and monitoring capabilities over the activities of stakeholders and clients, which will eventually help in enhancing the overall security posture.

KYC also helps financial institutions have a better understanding of the multiple parties involved in transactions. With accurate data available to the firms through KYC, transparency in operations becomes possible. Apart from securing organizations from falling prey to frauds and threats, KYC helps them create resources for regulatory compliance. Technology vendors have been offering exclusive solutions that equip financial firms with the capability to carry out KYC and AML effectively.

KYC and AML solutions are allowing financial institutions to embrace the client authentication and verification processes rapidly with the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics. From adding layers of intelligence to automating scanning and reporting, digital solutions are at the forefront of the KYC and AML revolution in the banking industry. 

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