Why Banks Must Invest in Digital Signage

Banking CIO Outlook | Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Banks are increasingly relying on digital signage to reinvent the paradigm of customer experience.

FREMONT, CA: Digital signage is not confined to malls and theaters anymore as it ahs move all out to become mainstream. It is now allowing financial institutions to create a more personal and engaging experience for customers, enabling them to promote new products and services, and thereby strengthen brand loyalty. Below are the reasons why financial institutions must invest in digital signage.   

Segmented Communication

Digital signage makes it easier for financial institutions to tell their story and communicate their offers simply and engagingly. Screens located within the establishment allow the banks to distribute content, convey about offers, promote the brand, and segment communications based on regions and time zones. By integrating with external systems, relevant information for customers can be displayed in real-time.

Efficient Content Management

Digital signage makes content management and distribution easier than ever. With just a few clicks, banks can define what and where to display, without having to go to the branch and modify the content in person. This helps banks reduce costs and optimize resources.

Integration with Self-Service Terminals

The digitalization of communications is not just interaction through smart devices. In banks, it is transferred to the physical places where digital signage plays a vital role. Through self-management terminals, the customers can interact simply and intuitively with the bank. These terminals reduce waiting times, streamline processes, and thereby improve the customer experience. This content can also be remotely managed according to the bank’s objectives.

Improving Internal Communications

Digital signage is becoming a crucial tool to improve banks’ internal communications. The screens located within the bank branch, allow improving and optimizing internal communication with employees, facilitating collaboration between teams, and providing relevant information that can be updated remotely in real-time.

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