Why are Fintech Firms Gaining Prominence?

Banking CIO Outlook | Thursday, November 28, 2019

Decoding the rise of fintech firms can give traditional banks an insight into the success secrets that have helped transform the banking sector.

FREMONT, CA: The rise of fintech companies has been a matter of discussions and excitement lately. Fintech firms have gained prominence and are continuously growing, which has baffled many in the financial industry. To address this, it is essential to examine certain aspects that work in favor of fintech companies and make them effective service providers and product developers. Some of these considerations can help decode the secrets behind the global trends in fintech. Not only have the fintech startups acquired a large number of clients, but they have also managed to sustain themselves by generating sufficient funding.

• The Upper Hand in Technology 

To traditional banks burdened with legacy systems, fintech companies have offered modern IT infrastructure. Being technology-based companies, fintech firms enjoy unmatched expertise when it comes to deploying advanced technologies. Every aspect of a fintech is technology-oriented, making operations efficient and fast. Intelligent automated systems that are at the core of fintech firms have futuristic capabilities.

• The Advantage of Personalization

Fintech firms cater to smaller customer groups. Besides, fintech companies have the means to offer an unmatched level of personalization. Established banks have extensive records of data that can be very advantageous, and fintech companies provide the technological advantage of sophisticated analytics. Using data analytics, fintech companies understand behavioral patterns and expectations of the customer. Thereafter, customized products and services are easy to deliver. From offering easy credits to simplifying onboarding, fintech companies have taken the lead.

• Fragmented Markets and Specialized Services

Fintech companies have helped create a more extensive variety of banking services than established companies could do by themselves. Especially in retail banking, fintech firms have helped design exclusive products that give customers the flexibility and the convenience they expect. From simplified digital payments to highly secure mobile banking opportunities, relevant categories of services have attracted customers. The market fragmentation has contributed to the rapid growth of fintech companies.

Taken together, these disparate factors and fintech strategies have driven the rise of technology-enabled financial companies. 

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