Why AI is Necessary For Momentum Trading

Banking CIO Outlook | Friday, October 16, 2020

AI-influenced trading processes help the traders gain high returns on investing in momentum trading.

FREMONT, CA: Today, investors are the active users of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based trading processes. AI technology provides immediate access to data that encourage investors to engage in high-frequency trading like momentum trading. Some investors prefer buying low and selling high, for which AI creates the right opportunity. Earlier, traders assumed that trends would remain and be invested according to the market situation, but trends prove to alter at any point in time by advancing analytics capability and enhancing the predictability of capital markets.

Traders use momentum indicators to arrange the momentum of a particular asset. The momentum indicators involve graphic devices that show an asset’s rate of price fluctuation. Thus, traders can understand the course of the movement of an asset’s price. As this feature contributes a small degree of visibility into a stock’s performance, it might not be sufficient to indicate the continuation of the current market trend. AI technology contributes to the traders’ quest by analyzing and generating insights from the vast repositories of data.

The extensive availability of data creates an opportunity for traders to derive significant trading insights. However, the sudden nature of momentum trading excludes the possibility of data analysis. By the time traders perform data analysis procedures, the trend would have already changed. Thus, momentum trading was guided by the traders’ abilities up to a certain degree. With the help of AI, high-speed data analysis fetch actionable insights for the traders, letting them engage in momentum trading and make better decision actively.

AI technology offers a huge opportunity for traders who target momentum trading. AI's advanced capability of enhancing the predictive skills of the traders helps them to perform beneficial momentum trading.

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