Voice Analytical Technologies in Banking Delivers the Next Generation Surveillance Solutions

Banking CIO Outlook | Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Voice analytical technologies are delivering excellent surveillance solutions for banks. Simplifying the complex insights from sourced data, the technology provides an end to end monitoring approach.

FREMONT, CA: Digital Reasoning, a leading company, known for exploring future possibilities in machine learning technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI), launches voice analytics software for banks. The AI-enabled voice analytics solution helps the banks achieve integrated surveillance by covering both voice and text communications data. Digital Reasoning’s Conduct Surveillance solution delivers transcription accuracy from domain audio data and seamless workflows to scale the audio monitoring efficiently.

The new surveillance solution provides end to end approach, starting from the audio transcription, turning it into accessible customer data, seamlessly monitoring with investigation tools, and finally integrating the set of information. There are many voice surveillance and audio analytics technologies in the market, but they lack integration and domain adaptation. The strict regulations and constrained budgets in banking industry raise the surveillance demand. The next-generation technology solution by Digital Reasoning, meets the surveillance challenges by combining the structured and unstructured data insights from most of the communication channels.

The launched application specially integrates to collect domain-specific data as it is trained to filter the noise.  The noise reduction helps to enhance the identification of valuable information effectively. The accuracy in data reduces the time consumption in verification processes and increases the surveillance scope as the solution covers all the communication sources. The application comes with smart and simple tools with options like silence and highlights for the relevant section of the audio. Many financial institutions are adopting advanced voice analytical technologies across the globe. 

Artificial Intelligence is a platform where critical tasks can be automated by eliminating the chances of human errors, uncovering transformative insights. With the help of Digital Reasoning’s Conduct Surveillance Solution, the leading financial institutions can seamlessly analyze text and audio communications and get professional surveillance to progress a human-centric approach.

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