Unlocking Banking Security with AI enablers

Banking CIO Outlook | Tuesday, June 11, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Artificial Intelligence has been able to evolve into one of the most popular technologies ever, and numerous industries are utilizing the technology. The banking sector has also adopted the benefits of AI. AI is beneficial in delivering security solutions to banks. Banks are always in the pursuit of strengthening their security infrastructure to guard against financial frauds. The capabilities that AI lends to banks help them in averting security attacks to a reasonable extent.

Threats over banks are perilous as banks not only handle the finances of individuals and firms but also accumulate personal information regarding their clients. This means frauds can prove extremely expensive for banks financially and put at stake their reputation as well. AI and ML offer several solutions. AI enabled systems can sort through and analyze vast amounts of unorganized customer data, thereby allowing the management to gain insights into the trends and patterns of risks. Once stakeholders can understand the pattern of risks, algorithms can be created, monitor the whole system and flag any anomalies that might seem risky in real-time. With the help of machine learning, the capabilities of machines to detect loopholes keep increasing over time and also become faster.

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Human employees cannot work with as much efficiency and speed as the machines in detecting anomalies. Hence, suspicious activities become easy to identify with the help of AI and ML. The banking industry also has to deal with a lot of customer applications. Assessing these applications is time taking, and sometimes, mistakes in assessment lead to financial frauds. Automating the assessment process by using AI-based platforms can go a long way in making assessment faster and safer. The AI tools are adept at catching any information that is risky and aborts the applications. The same can be applied to every transaction that a bank undertakes.

The number of financial frauds is rising every day, and this makes it imperative for banks to work proactively towards protecting their institutions and systems against risks. Intelligent use of AI  can ensure that technology becomes a weapon for self-defence rather than a threat in the hands of the hackers.  

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