Unleashing the Potential of Fintech in Banking

Banking CIO Outlook | Monday, August 12, 2019

The relationship between banks and fintech has developed from skepticism to collaboration as users are already enjoying the enhanced customer experience.  

FREMONT, CA: Rapid technology advancements of recent fintech players into the finance business are making a significant impact on the payments. It is also creating a substantial effect on the banks that have to adapt to and navigate the fast-changing landscape. The payment space is experiencing a significant shake-up recently, and with the modern technology capabilities and mass, fintech businesses are evolving. Developments offer a new ballgame to banks as they needed to attune to the increasingly digital landscape as the market has progressively become more competitive. A degree of risk swept through the banking sector. With the transaction landscape developing and with fintech introducing new technology and opportunities, banks were soon firmly onboard fintech innovations. Banks are seeking to explore the potential of emerging technologies to enhance payments.

Banks have embraced a range of strategies to penetrate the vibrant fintech scene. The venture capital-style investment, accelerator programs, and establishing innovation centers are some strategies that aim to work with both clients and fintech. Innovative ideas and theories can enrich marketing processes and transaction experience. This collaboration with fintech has enabled banks to become involved in advancements of how it can reshape the industries. It has also helped to affirm banks' role in addressing the future of payments. The value of bank-fintech collaboration is correlative as fintechs benefit from the banks' existence, and extensive pool of clients increases trust and security.

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The mindset of banks has progressed far from a state of trepidation regarding their place in the future payments landscape. They are embracing digital change and helping in leading the development to deliver an optimized customer experience — a notable number of payment modernization efforts and driving transformational change benefits each client. Banks are looking ahead for development, and their focus has moved to the change in terms of the bigger picture of how business processes can be enhanced using new technologies.

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Blockchain is an advanced technology with a vast deal of activity in the fintech industry. It remains clear that advancements unfolding through technology innovation hold the potential to modify the world of payments effectively. Banks follow the surge of activity in the fintech sector as technology is providing the tools to process payments and has been the catalyst for innovation.

The extensive traction in cross-border payments demands three fundamental building blocks. It necessitates buy-in from a critical mass of payment system professionals, also termed as the network effect. Secondly, basic standards and practices are needed to create possibilities for interoperability. Lastly, the regulators must be satisfied with the developments. Banks are also acknowledging the importance of the bank-bank partnership that works collectively to drive forward progress through interoperability, standardization, and large-scale backing of enterprise initiatives. Significant financial institutions are increasingly looking at making fintech benefits as a way of stimulating the adoption of modern technology and innovation in their industries. With this focus on investments, it is necessary to adopt a modernized process for executing transactions and assuring regulatory and reputational considerations.

Prosperous fintechs are rapidly advancing commercial confidence. Partnering with banks continues to be an indispensable ingredient to success, and is often at the heart of their business model, as a means to compare and drive sales. The face of banking has begun to look different even with the conventional banks matching the new banks that are welcoming new business model paradigms.

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