Unifimoney Secures $10 Million Seed Investment

Banking CIO Outlook | Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Unifimoney is a multi-asset turnkey digital wealth management platform that helps Community Banks and Credit Unions provide compelling investment services to their customers. The Unifimoney platform now offers passive and active investing in traditional equities and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). In addition, there are over 70 cryptocurrencies and precious metals available, including gold, silver, and platinum.

Fremont, CA: Unifimoney Inc., a turnkey digital wealth management platform for Community Banks and Credit Unions, announced a $10 million seed round today.

The Unifimoney platform provides a comprehensive digital wealth management platform that includes trading over 70 cryptocurrencies, passive and active investing in thousands of stocks, ETFs, and precious metals. Unifimoney will expand its coverage of alternative assets such as collectibles, sports memorabilia, and NFTs and a full suite of retirement accounts, including both traditional and alternative asset IRAs, as a result of the investment. In addition, the Roadmap includes an investment rewards credit card that allows Financial Institutions' customers to earn points that can be redeemed for investable assets such as cryptocurrency, stocks, and gold.

The investors include Shop Your Way (part of Transform Holdco LLC), Oriza Ventures, Altair Capital, Global Millennial Capital, White Bay Group, Hard Yaka, Plug and Play, ICBA, and a number of angel investors.

We collaborate with existing financial institution technology partners and are integrated with leading core providers such as Jack Henry & Associates and Q2, and more are on the way. As a result, financial institutions will not need to do any additional development or integration work to implement and complement their existing digital channels.

Ben Soppitt, CEO, and Ed Cortis, CTO, founded the company in 2019. The pair recognized that a significant cultural shift in retail investing was fueled by digital access to both traditional and new alternative assets and lower barriers to entry through commission-free trading and fractional investing. However, most financial institutions could not participate and serve changing customer needs, putting them at risk of being disconnected from their customers."

"Unifimoney's vision is to provide Community Banks and Credit Unions with not only parity with Big Brand Banks and Fintechs, but also better, more comprehensive, and compelling value propositions in combination with their decades of service culture and existing banking products," said Ben Soppitt, Co-Founder and CEO.

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