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Banking CIO Outlook | Monday, July 13, 2020

The new payment product allows users can send money quickly and easily to their friend's mobile phone number through a single click.

FREMONT, CA: MoneyGram, has launched MoneyGram FastSend. This new product enables real-time money-sending. Users of FastSend, MoneyGram's real-time remittance product, will now be able to send money by simply providing the recipient's name and phone number. MoneyGram FastSend is a service that will harness Visa Direct to facilitate the industry's fastest transaction times and the most seamless money transfer experience.

With MoneyGram, FastSend customers can send money quickly and easily to their friend's mobile phone numbers through the MoneyGram website and mobile app. To use FastSend, customers log in to the MoneyGram app or website and enter the receiver's name and phone number, and select FastSend. A notification is sent to the receiver, notifying them that they have funds immediately available for a deposit. The receiver then logs in and adds their debit card, where the funds are transferred into their bank account within minutes. FastSend gives users a quick way to send money just by sending a text message, without requiring to input the receiver's bank account information. MoneyGram has developed this new service as a continuation of its imperative partnership with Visa and the Visa Direct product.

MoneyGram is a global pioneer in cross-border P2P payments and money transfers. Its customer-centric capabilities allow the quick and affordable transfer of money to family and friends with over 65 countries, in more than 200 countries and territories that are now digitally enabled. The innovative MoneyGram platform harnesses its leading distribution network, cloud-based infrastructure with integrated APIs, global financial settlement engine, and its unparalleled compliance program to allow seamless transfers around the world.

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