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Banking CIO Outlook | Monday, July 12, 2021

 The most successful mortgage firms will be those that can change with them.

Fremont, CA: From crowdfunded mortgages to changing millennial qualifications, integrated house buying services, virtual loan officers, digital mortgages, and voice assistants are all on the rise. Customers' wants, needs, and expectations are shifting. The most successful mortgage firms will be those that can change with them.

How the Mortgage Industry is Changing

  • Integrated Home Buying Services

The need to integrate services and provide a more unified experience for house purchasers was one of the major themes from this year's Digital Mortgage Conference.

Determine what strategic partnerships users can form to provide comprehensive and seamless service to home purchasers and refinancing borrowers if users don't want to become a one-stop-shop itself. If it weren't for for-profit and competitive pricing, it would be to better the user experience.

  • Virtual Loan Officers On-Demand

We've already seen a rising number of Realtors use FaceTime, Skype, Google Hangouts, and other video conferencing applications to communicate with prospects, host virtual open houses and showings, and provide on-demand service from afar. Even if the buyer is only a few blocks away, while it may take longer to integrate this type of service into the mortgage lending industry in an organized and measured fashion, it is not impossible.

  • Changing Millennial Qualifications

While overall credit quality appears to be improving, mainly since the financial crisis of 2008, credit profiles have evolved during the last 12 years. Many people have been hesitant to utilize credit, student loans are a significant concern, and more information on alternative financing is becoming available. However, the new breed of digital nomads includes millions of people who travel almost full-time, are self-employed, and have no rental history beyond hundreds of hotel receipts. New underwriting models could account for these issues and assist them in becoming property owners and real estate investors.

  • Automated Follow-Up

It's more crucial than ever to follow up. In a matter of seconds, consumers can examine dozens of mortgage lender options. Those that are genuinely qualified and prepared will keep jumping until they receive a response. Fortunately, the tools for doing so are improving all the time for loan officers and brokers. Email autoresponders, robust CRMs with call reminders and interaction with virtual phone systems, SMS marketing, and integrated social media dashboards make this process faster, easier, and more automated than ever before. It's simply a matter of deciding to employ them.

  • Online Reviews

Online reviews are perhaps the most essential of all. Borrowers have no means of knowing if they can trust users without them. Therefore, it's critical to keep track of and manage internet reviews and comments about their company.

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