Top Trends Impacting the Growth of Payment Processing Solutions Market

Banking CIO Outlook | Wednesday, May 18, 2022


According to the analysis, the payment processing solutions market will grow from its current market size of more than 60 billion dollars to more than 140 billion dollars by 2026.

Fremont, CA: Due to fast digitalization, increased smartphone penetration, and the adoption of several mobile payment apps, the payment processing solutions market is expected to develop significantly in the coming years. The continued market expansion may also be attributed to the advent of new technologies in the banking sector, such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

The following are important developments that will likely impact the growth of the payment processing solutions industry:

· E-wallet payments are becoming more popular

The e-wallet market may develop at a modest rate over the next several years regarding payment methods. This is because E-wallets give consumers a safe method to conduct transactions while on the go. Furthermore, the transactional data is securely encrypted, reducing the likelihood of fraud. Therefore, leading providers now advertise and encourage clients to use the e-wallet payment option with suitable rewards and incentives. During the analyzed period, this tendency would significantly impact the industry forecast.

· Payment processing solutions are in high demand among major businesses

Large businesses are increasingly looking for new payment processing solutions. This rise is mostly attributable to the increasing need for flexibility to deliver customized and value-added payment services to their customers. Leading businesses handle transactions through a variety of channels. To streamline the processing of these many transactions, these businesses deploy sophisticated payment gateways and solutions. Furthermore, innovative features such as unified commerce, user reporting, and data security, among others, are driving payment processing solution usage.

· Government activities in Europe that are supportive

By the conclusion of the forecasted period, the payment processing solutions market in Europe can account for more than 20 percent of the entire industry share. The beneficial steps taken by regional governments to improve the digital banking infrastructure are largely responsible for this predicted increase. Furthermore, the increased use of smartphones is likely to boost the growth of the regional industry.

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