Top 4 Innovations To Strategize Treasury Management

Banking CIO Outlook | Monday, November 18, 2019

Banking professionals approach innovative solutions to establish effective treasury management strategies and achieve long-term benefits.    

FREMONT, CA: Banking professionals understand the need for transforming the existing treasury operations, which can boost their organizations’ business capabilities and future scalability. The emerging technologies have massively supported the new age bankers to bring revolutionary impacts from payment facilities to accounting methods. Today, banking professionals continuously look for solutions that can efficiently identify treasury functions and streamline treasury operations by saving time, reducing errors, and quickly highlighting the evolving needs of their institutions. Techniques of the application programming interface, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, robotics, and others are utilized to develop innovative solutions for establishing excellent treasury management strategies.   

• Robotics

In recent years, robotics technology has experienced massive adoption by various organizations of different industries and sectors. The banking professionals primarily approach robotics-based tools and applications to perform high volume but repetitive processes of the banking operations more effectively. This technology helps the professionals explore innovative ways that can increase accuracy, synchronize data across multiple platforms, and optimize the processing time. The smart methods offered by the robotics technology free up the skilled professionals to focus on other operations. Robotics effectively automates the posting and reconciliation of receivable payments, cash pooling, and preparation of Foreign Exchange (FX) exposures.

• Cloud Computing 

The introduction of cloud computing allows bankers to centralize their treasury data, which helps them to effectively manage FX exposures and forecast cash needs for intensive operations. Deploying clouds for treasury management avails Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, which supports accounting and accounts payable processes. The technology powers treasury workstations or management systems by consolidating financial information from various sources and streamlining cash positioning, cash forecasting, bank account management, and payments. Cloud computing proves to deliver the best platform for FX trading that contains real-time quotes, news feeds, charting tools, and live trade capabilities. Banking professionals are rapidly upgrading their existing treasury management systems to those of cloud-based for strengthened reporting capabilities.

• Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based treasury management tools and applications offer smart methods to process massive banking data. AI solutions help banking professionals develop new rules for performing operations and solving management issues. By introducing significant impacts on liquidity management and payment processes, AI uses counterparty and value data to improvise the identification of potential fraud and opportunities for lower-cost channels and payments. AI-based tools and applications significantly manage liquidity by forecasting future cash flow.

• Application Programming Interfaces

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Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) provide seamless communication methods and more interactive channels to the banking organizations for the excellent end-user experience. APIs boost banking efficiencies by enabling real-time processing and eliminating delays to access account information. The immediate solutions offered by APIs increase the capabilities of treasury management systems. APIs allow batch processing of payments across multiple banks and assist the banking professionals with information on reconciling payments. APIs can smartly create cash receipts by reducing time spent and increasing efficiency, which also contributes to increasing the chances of spotting, stopping, and recalling fraudulent payment. Banking professionals are using API as the solution allows them to link with a variety of applications and services like real-time cash management guidance, cash investment suggestions, cash needs forecasting, and more.  

These technologies prove to lead treasury operations in the right direction and help the professionals establish brilliant treasury management systems. To achieve a next-generation treasury management system, banking professionals can track the adopted technologies for upgrading it at the right time. It is also essential for professionals to invest in the right innovation that can grow with their business and requires lesser maintenance. Technology continues to boost business operations while encouraging tech-savvy bankers to explore new possibilities for improvising treasury management.   

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