Tips to Improve Digital Banking Experiences

Banking CIO Outlook | Friday, July 17, 2020

When it comes to ensuring the best banking customer service experience, you need to ensure that you provide your clients with the chance to customize their experience and then work to showcase the best your brand can offer.

Fremont, CA: Digital and online banking are essential for banks and financial institutions to offer their clients solutions. Although most banks offer some form of digital banking experience, banks must have a digital banking roadmap to guide the process of creating the best possible online banking services for clients.

Here are four tips on how to improve online banking services and experience overall. Top 10 RegTech Solution Companies - 2020

Real Person Option

Automated options are all that is needed to assist with basic requests. Still, it is important to give customers easy access to a real-time customer service agent to help when they cannot find what they need or have some issues to resolve.

Digital banking apps should have a one-press to call option that will connect a customer with an agent, while online desktop experiences should have an option for a chat to be handed over to a live representative who can handle issues from there.

AI Option

Digital AI assistants are implemented in almost every app to help customers have a smooth and comfortable experience. Some websites use chatbots to ask what a user is looking for, while some use voice sensitive pop-ups to guide a user through their digital interface, allowing the customer to have a comfortable and seamless experience.

Customers’ Opinion

Customers’ opinions are important in order to improve digital banking experience for them. Sending surveys through emails or fill out the survey when they open their banking app on their devices, can help improve and customize customers’ banking experience.


Use the digital experience to provide access to customer accounts and to advertise new products or services to customers. Continually updating the digital banking experience and sharing new options with current customers will help grow customer engagement and increase revenue for the organization.

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