Thwarting Cyberattacks made easier with Advanced Security Features and High-Tech Measures

Banking CIO Outlook | Monday, July 15, 2019

Roy Katmor, CEO

Cyberattacks are now no more scary as new features, and innovative application of technologies can provide companies comprehensive security solutions to ward off risks.      

FREMONT, CA: The security solutions company, enSilo adds new features to its Endpoint Security Platform version 4.0. The advancement adds to the arsenal of security tools, new security defenses, data visualizations, and automation capabilities. enSilo has been delivering solutions to prevent data theft and tampering of critical information due to cyberattacks.   

The enhancements enable better strategies and stronger responses against the continuously evolving threat scenario with real-time security. "enSilo blocks advanced attacks in real-time from communicating with outbound networks or modifying files,” says Roy Katmor, CEO and Co-founder of enSilo. " We block threat actors in real-time, obstructing their intention of stealing or ransoming data."  

The Endpoint Security Platform that prevents data breaches is now better with the up-gradation. Advanced virtual patching technology allows an automatic response, thereby reducing the scope of attacks. IoT devices also get safer with better monitoring and control in spite of there being software vulnerabilities. A quick and automated response that the platform can trigger now is especially advantageous in the face of threats.

“Our approach focuses on preventing the consequences of a cyberattack, namely data theft, and tampering. Adopting such an approach to cyber-security inherently allows users to continue working without any hindrance even when their devices are compromised,” adds Katmor.

Ranked as one of the Top Ten Security Solution Providers by Banking CIO Outlook, enSilo is known for combining Endpoint Protection and Endpoint Detection and Response into a single, comprehensive solution that works effectively. A surge in interest among investors and the company's rising growth rate year-over-year points at the popularity of enSilo and its security offerings. The company’s innovative use of technology to cater to the demands of clients from a host of varied industries has rendered enSilo, as a top security service provider.      

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