Three Emerging Trends Transforming Mortgage Lending

Banking CIO Outlook | Thursday, November 18, 2021

To meet rising borrower demands, big banks and lenders are using new methods. Independent brokers, on the other hand, are finding it quite challenging to keep up with the competition.

Fremont, CA: Many small lenders and brokers are implementing their own technology or white labeling by collaborations in the same way that the big players do. Whatever direction they take, mortgage brokers must learn to appreciate technological advances in the mortgage process or risk losing clients to companies who are willing to change.

Here are three emerging trends in mortgage lending:

Simplified User Experiences

Borrowers, especially millennials, care more about easy paths to their desired outcomes. Even though it might save them money, the majority of borrowers dislike wasting time shopping for mortgages. Brokers would need to be prepared for consumers who are ready to buy right away, thanks to new technology that allows them to make fast, educated decisions.

Top 10 Mortgage Technology Consulting/Services Companies - 2019These developments herald a new era in the mortgage industry for brokers. Higher demands will result from advanced technology, and only brokers who are familiar with the emerging world will be able to compete.

Fully Digital Mortgage Platforms

Most consumers will soon be able to complete the entire mortgage process without ever having to set foot in an office, thanks to new tools and protection. APIs can communicate between systems such as escrow, title, and more on digital mortgage platforms. Borrowers will close loans in days, not weeks, and brokers who refuse to move quickly will become redundant.

That isn't to suggest that brokers will be phased out entirely. Mortgages are major purchases, and people need assistance in the process. Simply put, brokers would need to figure out where they fit in a transformed mortgage environment.

Advanced Predictive Technologies

Most modern innovations are constrained by the skills of the people who use them. The technologies of the future will know how to manage themselves. Consumers should expect a new level of convenience thanks to machine learning, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology.

Soon, artificial intelligence would be able to inform brokers when borrowers are ready to act. Instead of waiting for borrowers to contact them, brokers would need to know when to reach out to them. Borrowers would be able to close mortgages in less time thanks to blockchain's open ledgers and more safe processes.

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