The Evolution of Customer-Centric Banking: AI is the Secret!

Banking CIO Outlook | Monday, June 10, 2019

FREMONT, CA: The technological revolution has brought about a shift in power from the service providers to the consumers. This is making services increasingly customer-centric. The banking sector is no different. The demand for seamless services is driving the technological aspiration of big and small banks alike. Technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), blockchain, and machine learning are disrupting the traditional banks and their banking models.

In the age of digital technologies, banks have to equip themselves with the best tools and create a digital infrastructure to transform legacy systems. The changes must be addressed, at every level, and strategies that will help in the comprehensive integration of all facilities are essential. One of the significant developments that a customer expects is a consistent experience. Personalized engagement with customers is highly desirable.  AI can help banks in creating and maintaining platforms with suitable interfaces which address customer queries and processes their transactions fast, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Security has always been a concern for consumers. With awareness growing, banks have to cater to a consumer base that demands guaranteed protection but does not want the customer experience to be compromised. On top of that, banks have to take care of evolving regulatory policies and ensure compliance. Technology can play a hand in creating a convenient safety infrastructure.  Banks can minimize the possibility of frauds using AI-based analysis, which helps predict and monitor risks every time a transaction takes place. Identity checks of the customer through biometric systems minimize chances of errors. Service providers that use AI to evaluate compliance can help banks keep track of changing rules and regulations.

One of the most prolific applications of AI is in marketing and sales. With the help of advanced analytics, systems provide insights into a massive amount of data. The analyzed data equip banks to boost campaigning by targeting the right crowd. Product design becomes very precise, as AI based predictions give reliable data about customer expectations.

Customer expectations are making banks take up transitions, and the technologies available in the market have the right ingredients to help banks achieve this. Banks can take advantage of these evolving technologies and cement their growth.

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