The Elevation of Financial Enterprises via Fintech Trends

Banking CIO Outlook | Wednesday, January 16, 2019

The banking sector is adapting to the customer changing demands to ensure their sustenance in the digital economy. The organizations become more comfortable with the faster pace of innovation using data analytics extensively. They deploy cognitive computing technologies to better understand consumer preferences. Banks are aiming to increase revenue using technologies that offer real-time insights and information. Following are some of the trends that are revolutionizing the banks and financial companies:

Mobile banking: Mobile banking is one of the prominent trends. Convenience, accessibility, and functionality are the three attributes that push the growth of mobile banking.

Convenience: the opportunity of carrying out transactions replaces locally parade.

Accessibility: because of the use of mobile devices is growing exponentially after sometimes more customers will have access of using mobile banking applications.

Functionality: banks add increased functionality to applications regularly. The applications become a viable alternative for transactions.

Open banking: Open banking leads to expand banking ecosystems by accelerating innovations and collaboration. The banking system focuses on making consumers' way of doing transactions better. Open banking makes consumer consent a central part of a banking strategy that increases the emphasis on consumer value prepositions.

Payments:  As the payments in the banking is constantly driven by the technological advances its increasing customer expectations towards the process of payments. Organizations nowadays are seeking more innovation in the payments. The trends in payments depend on the internet of things, mobile wallets, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain. They aid to low transaction fees and increase the importance of user experience.

AI adoption: One of the exciting trends is predictive banking. The banking sector consolidates internal and external data, builds predictive profiles of customers in real-time. Artificial intelligence (AI)-driven tools enhance customer experience and tight security and increase efficiency.

Biometric technology: Depending on PIN number is becoming obsolete as banks are turning to biometric authentication technology as voice recognition, fingerprint, and vein pattern. The technologies ensure about the transaction security and account safety.

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Banking becomes more strategically focused and technologically advanced to respond to customer expectations. The trends will drive the growth in the industry that will push fintech companies to the ultimate development.

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