Technology-Coupled Customer journeys Stepping up Banking and Financing Practices

Banking CIO Outlook | Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Customer experience is the topmost priority of financial institutions. As customers want to feel valued and appreciated, banks are heading towards building a loyal relationship.

FREMONT, CA: Businesses are continually becoming customer-centric, and banks need to offer better customer experiences to retain clients and attract newer customers. Customer service, is undoubtedly, an essential factor for companies to stay relevant. Quality of customer experience has now become the prime-priority for the financial institutions. Banks know very well that making the customers happy is the key to business excellence. Glance through the ideas, which can improve the customer experience.

· Understanding the Customer Journey

The initial step is to identify opportunities for enhanced customer experiences is by understanding the banking journey of the customers. The end-to-end banking customer journey is not linear as customers will use multiple devices. To avoid such instances, banks are having a robust, unified view of the touchpoints. This helps banks to understand the customer's viewpoint serving as a blueprint for improving the customer experience.  

· Embracing Online Banking Technology

Banks are offering standard online services to provide an extraordinary customer experience. Emerging financial technologies ensure privacy and reduce fraud concerns. Banks empower its clients with novel technologies to facilitate the customer journey and improve customer satisfaction. The world is driven by the millennial class who prefer technology to take care of everything. Instead of going to banks, users prefer to receive or transfer payments through their smartphones. The online banking has made banking much more feasible than it could have been ever imagined.

· Importance to Customer Feedback

Banks have integrated feedback options from customers to improve their banking system. Banks themselves try their best to deliver the best customer experience possible. With the innovative technologies, feedback options have been created, which allows customers to give feedback on an issue that has to be resolved. Banks try their best to resolve their issues, providing better customer experience.

Financial institutions are stepping up their game. Banks have started embracing new banking technologies, which are the key factor to deliver the best customer experience. Banks are striving to meet customer demand for on-the-go services staying in compliance with regulations. Emerging financial technology can help this, though, as advancements can not only enhance the bottom line but improve customer satisfaction as well.  

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