Tailoring Banking and Financial Services for a Progressive Tech-Driven Future

Banking CIO Outlook | Wednesday, July 24, 2019

The banking and financial services business is turning its focus toward innovation to prepare for a future that will be progressively driven by technology.     

FREMONT, CA: The banking business and financial institutions are indispensable sectors of any economy. Development of these segments of the economy can affect the growth of the country unimaginably. In the era of digitization, the banking and financial services have undergone massive evolution, and the phenomenon continues. The change can be attributed to various components like new regulatory policies and customer expectations. The only factor that has affected banking and financial services is technological advancement. The integration between the innovative technologies of the financial industry and banking services has transformed the conventional systems of managing money.

The rise of fintech companies, mobile banking, and internet banking are some of the classic examples of emerging trends in the banking sector and financial services. For the betterment of traditional systems, banking and financial service industry trends are a few steps toward creating a cashless society, with complete digital transformation, and the rise of fintech.  The rapid growth of digital technology becomes imperative for banking and financial services to keep up with the changes and innovate digital solutions for tech-savvy customers. Modern trends in banking system make it easier, simpler, paperless, signatureless and branchless with various features like Time Gross Settlement (RTGS), Immediate Payment Service (IMPS), Real National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT), Online Banking, and Telebanking. Digitization has resulted in the reduced cost of various banking procedures, improved revenue generation, and reduced human error.

Mobile banking is the most authoritative current trends in banking operations. It can be used for multiple banking purposes like checking account balance, make bill payments, and fund transfer without the need of visiting the branch. Mobile banking will become even more efficient and effortless to keep up with customer demands. Mobile banking future trends indicate at the acquisition of IoT and Voice to become the truth of tomorrow.

With the changing trends in the financial services sector, fintech companies have become an essential part of the industry. The industry has emerged as a significant part of the ecosystem. With the use of financial technology, businesses aim to surpass the conventional methods of finance. Along with increased customer satisfaction, it has enabled the customers creating personalized solutions for their investment plans and improves the overall banking experience.

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