Strategies to Use AI for Lead Generation and Wealth Management

Banking CIO Outlook | Tuesday, December 11, 2018

The invention of artificial intelligence doesn’t only mean a more comfortable life to humans, but it is potentially a safer one. Technologies can be implemented in many, but when it comes to wealth management, AI is being utilized in several modes and ways from financial advice to lead generation. The question is, should financial companies bring together all their focus and investment on AI, or should they construct a hybrid company that utilizes humans as well?  Though AI is still in its infancy, it can impact financial management companies to a large extent. The technology functions at its best for amplifying the abilities of the people, particularly in service-driven wealth management. 

Recently, wealth management has continued to focus on investing in big data and advanced analytics to offer relevant products to clients based on demographics and targets. Artificial intelligence leverages the data present in the wealth management and establishes the ability to visualize the interconnections between the different datasets that confer the powerful information advantage. In the current complex digital world, it has never been a necessity to structure out the content to organize the data and establish a link between the diverse data types to solve the real-time business challenges.

To achieve this, Knowledge Graph organizes financial information as relationships and makes data relationship discovery easier, ranging from investment research to business development and potentially many more. This will turn the present data into a financial wealth management asset. Knowledge Graph denotes all the information as relationships that make reliable connections between the content types. Each data point is tagged with its own ID with Intelligent tagging (TRIT) technology. Intelligent tagging filters and classifies the volumes of data using natural language processing, text analytics, and data mining technologies. TRIT can tag the people, areas, and events across the millions of documents at a higher speed which a human cannot even hope to achieve. Intelligent tagging enriches the content to become quickly and readily searchable by attaching the relevant scores to the data. Machine learning as Intelligent tagging helps to make sense of big data and mitigate the power of an information-rich atmosphere that could be otherwise overwhelming.

AI can be leveraged to generate leads and effectively engage with prospective clients so that the technology can deliver holistic wealth management solutions that are more personalized without burdening personnel. AI can improve data management and make sophisticated client segmentation techniques a reality.

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