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Banking CIO Outlook | Monday, February 18, 2019

Financial markets are crucial for the economy’s overall health. Borrowing and investment will be limited with effective credit and capital markets, and the entire macroeconomy can suffer. In command economies and less-developed economies, financial markets often fail to form, causing low investment levels and low growth rates.

With ever-increasing customer expectation and growing technologies, the credit unions and banks need to create a new platform that fulfills user needs and survive with competition in the market.

In the past, banks used to depend more on data from their core banking systems to monitor internal trends, such as customer’s account opening speed, balance sheets maintenance, and interest on loan or deposits. Now, the latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence and machine learning have helped banks process these processes fast. In order to adapt the technologies that best suits to make their work faster, banks are now approaching third parties.

The solutions built with APIs will help financials to help to integrate with systems more seamlessly. The API banking platform is located between a bank’s backend system and the combined experience of the bank and third-party services in order to enable new business models, such as the opening of their internal infrastructure to third-party developers, to develop their software and provide their customers with new use cases in order to maintain their competition. Open architecture approach helps to build communications with multiple systems. The cloud can help reduce the risks of traditional infrastructure technology with operational concerns about capacity, redundancy, and resilience. Banks’ scalability helps to assess the thousands of transactions per second that ultimately help reduce financial risks such as money laundering and fraud.

Financial services have begun to change their old ways of solving problems and embracing digital transformation with mobile devices increasingly user-friendly and increasing Internet use. Following this, digital technology is implemented in all business sectors, from changing the business process to providing value-added services to customers. The importance of data analytics will mean that the data analyst role will be more valuable than ever; this person will be relied upon to pull together critical information and identify cross-sell and service targets. Now, with the help of technologies like machine learning and AI, banks can do much more to deliver personalized content to customers and offer more power to loyal consumers. Community bankers should thus use the right tools to make the best use of technology to stay ahead of the market.

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