Smart Branch Revolutionizing Banking Operational Networks and Customer Services

Banking CIO Outlook | Wednesday, July 17, 2019

The introduction of technology brings in the concept of “smart branch,” to improvise the service deliveries and efficiently match the needs of the changing customer demands.

FREMONT, CA: In the digitally advanced world, individuals tend to carry their banks in pockets as smartphone banking apps. The need for visiting an actual bank has gradually limited to get cash or occasional advice. Regardless of the drastic systematic changes, a physical branch remains an essential part of banking operations and customer-advisory.

As the banks and its branches are still one of the top sales channels, banks, and other financial institutions are taking necessary measures to build “smart branch” for customers digital satisfactions. With the implementation of technology, banks can significantly boost sales and improve customer experiences. The use of right techniques in the right segments of the banking process helps in the bank branch operational transformation, reduces the cost for extra staffing, and delivers alternatives to improve the customer interaction.  

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The smart banking can introduce a range of technology solutions for 24/7 services, some of the facilities are service terminal, teller cash recycler, interactive digital wall, banker tablet with a 360-degree view of customer’s account and more. A smart branch needs the seamless integration of cutting-edge branch technology, adoption of teller and desk free branch format, and using the advanced analytics to improve the branch model. The execution of the technology in a bank branch can bring a personalized experience to the customers and efficiently deliver a real-time performance with data-driven sales.

Smart branch goals to manage simple customer activities by assisting self-service formats, and merging the traditional physical branch activities with digitally smart solutions can increase the skill-sets and quality of service. Sharing a streamlined and efficient banking model, smart banks not only approach the best for customers but also create a fast and precise service environment for employees. It helps to maintain the customer relationships smartly.

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