Simplifying Banking Landscape with Innovative Technologies

Banking CIO Outlook | Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Technology, as a powerful enabler, is all set to enhance banking services and lower costs.

FERMONT, CA: Powerful forces are reshaping the banking industry. Customer expectations, technological capacity, regulatory requirements, demographics, and economics create a need to work together. Banks need to tackle these difficulties and retool to succeed in the next age. Not only must banks perform on the imperatives of today, but they must also radically innovate and transform themselves for the future.

Use of Data and Analytics  

Experts predict this year that customer service will become more customized. Clients aim for more online operations and less time-consuming application processes. They want to adapt banking facilities to their demands. Ideally, financial institutions should be able to respond flexibly and immediately to the requirements of their customers. This includes significant digitalization and end-to-end employee internet help when an account is opened, or a loan is made. The key to customer loyalty in the era of globalization is to create a robust personalized information platform.

Improving Multichannel Delivery

Digitization will migrate most of the customer's easy activities to self-service or partially aided interfaces. Employee roles will be converted into data analysis, and individual solutions will be developed. At the same moment, the end economic item should be supplied through various channels, including personalized URLs, self-service boards, mobile apps, multimedia material, or blockchains. In-branch services, however, should also stay an alternative for those who need more private help.

Expanding Digital Payments


It is still assumed that mobile wallets will replace cash and credit cards. New payment alternatives will involve higher safety alternatives and higher payment velocity. Transaction fees should considerably reduce urging banks to consider alternative service revenues.

Investing in Fintech Innovations

Fintech innovations are so common that banks and credit unions must follow their pace. Based on their alternative fintech experiences, consumer expectations are increasing, so banks around the globe are moving away from traditional business models. Innovations and methods in the banking sector are triggering cultural, organizational changes. Customer-focus approach goes hand in hand with creative solutions being incorporated.

For banks and credit unions, the real objective is to discover the correct combination of fintech and traditional banking solutions. Play the tried and true strengths of each type of organization while opening up fresh possibilities for access to instruments to empower customers and boost marketing possibilities.

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