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Banking CIO Outlook | Wednesday, June 19, 2019

While automation can deliver practical solutions to the finance sector, roadblocks cannot stop firms from unleashing its potential to the fullest.

FREMONT, CA: Digitalization is changing the face of industries, sometimes gradually and sometimes abruptly. The financial sector has been incorporating small changes over some time now. A big change in the form of wide-ranging automation is working its way into the industry. In the wake of automation, financial firms will see a lot of transitions. While some of it will be smooth, many will see a lot of friction. Nonetheless, the industry is expected to benefit hugely from all the advancements and should look forward to the coming times.

The challenges to automation originate as a question which asks ‘where to begin?' On paper, automation is a lucrative idea, but by the time firms gear up to apply automation, people, processes, and systems, everything present resistance and challenges. To effectively incorporate automation, financial institutions should take measured steps rather than rushing in with huge investments. Garnering support from all stakeholders before opting for automation creates a suitable base. There need to be organizational management changes before new technology is included.

Companies can undertake experimental approach before integrating automation into their systems. Only after a successful run of the experiments, companies should prepare to scale fast. Aligning automation with a company's fundamental processes adds value and improvements to the newly acquired technological solutions.  The existing problems and inefficient processes should be looked at before putting in any automation related changes.

Data is an essential partner of automated processes. It is imperative that firms accumulate data properly and build datasets. With automation, data related infrastructure will also require investments. There will be a major change with respect to the duties of employees in an organization when automation kicks in. Automation tools will handle repetitive work while employees will get the job of controlling. Companies have to ensure that workers adapt well and fast to their roles.

Automation brings on a lot of challenges that financial institutions can easily overcome with careful consideration. Service efficiency stands a chance of growth along with the profit margins if automation is effectively applied in a pan-organizational manner.

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