Remote Technology Solutions and Advanced Banking

Banking CIO Outlook | Thursday, February 28, 2019

The advent of mobile banking software and ATM has entirely changed the banking sector and has made people more interested in self-service banking. These technological advancements have provided the customers with the chance of accessing the bank anytime. GP Bullhound’s Technology Prediction states that 91 percent of customers believe in mobile banking.

Since their first installation, ATMs have gained huge popularity, but this growing popularity paved the way for diversified criminal activities. According to Statista, the European countries lost 353 million Euros due to ATM fraud. ATM providers have been using different innovative solutions to secure these machines and to improve customer experience. Even, today different innovations are made to make ATMs more reliable and customer-friendly.

Previous ATM monitoring solutions detected the status of an ATM and the operators had to decide further action. These solutions often demand a huge investment. Remote ATM solutions have replaced it, and it provides improved ATM availability to encourage self-service banking.

Remote technology solutions from Automated Transaction Delivery leverages a central cloud-based server and wireless technology to manage software compliance issues and delivery marketing campaigns and ensures reliability, reduction of repeat trips, and cost-effectiveness. The Core management service allows access to software remotely. Except this, KAL's The Kalignite Terminal Controller (KTC) is an important solution which helps to maintain ATM networks remotely. Being a server-based solution, it offers comprehensive features to control ATM networks with safety.

The Self-Service Reinvention Enterprise based software applications and services of NCR perfectly address the changing expectations of the customers and RBR announced NCR’s software as number one in a report about the software industry. These solutions provide the customer with an omnichannel experience. Remote management of ATM is a great step to lead Fintech industry to another level.

The use of Fintech machine learning aspect helps banks and their customers to have an exponential gain. This is a cutting-edge solution to help banks to predict customer problems before they even occur. Banks can then propose possible solutions proactively. For instance, banks can anticipate customers’ holiday needs and offer them special transaction fees and services. By using the mobile app, the banks can be linked to online platforms to keep the customers satisfied.

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