Reimagining Transformations in the Banking Sectors with Innovative Techniques

Banking CIO Outlook | Monday, July 29, 2019

Banks are developing their architecture to stay in tandem with emerging digital technologies and new banking realities.

FREMONT, CA: Banks around the globe have started their journeys of digital transformation and concentrate on how to accelerate this journey, with open banking and business models led by API playing a leading role. Winners will be those in this quickly evolving universe who are agile enough to anticipate and react to change, creative enough to generate and deliver new client value, and skilled enough to take benefit of the fresh opportunities provided by digital technologies.

Intelligent Banking Channels

Financial service suppliers tailor each channel to adapt smartly to offer the next level of customization for customers performing banking operations. By studying patterns and behaviours of customers, banks can customize the interface to fit particular user preferences. This will transform into a distinctive usage trip for each end-user, and early adopter banks will achieve a competitive edge due to the level of personalization and fulfilment  provided by the end-user.

Multi-Experience Banking

Banks have begun to offer multi-channel experiences that go beyond branch or telephone banking visits. A consumer can now communicate with a bank via various channels, including applications, internet, intelligent speakers, digital voice assistants, and more. However, banks will need to guarantee seamless consistency across all channels for pleasant customer journeys.

Voice-Assisted Banking

Voice banking is already standard, and we can quickly see that it also supports regional and vernacular languages. We have already seen an increase in the popularity of virtual private assistants and intelligent speakers becoming more commonplace. The time is not far when virtual assistants and smart speakers would be the most preferred choice for a customer to conduct banking operations.

AI in Banking

AI has slowly created many distinct company landscapes into in-roads. We expect narrow AI in the banking and financial services industry to enhance operational efficiency and precision by automating repetitive duties and intensive workforce in nature. This would free up bank funds to concentrate on more value-generating operations.

Rise of Open Banking

Open banking is a strategy that utilizes open APIs to allow third-party developers to construct apps and services around the financial institution, leading in higher financial transparency for account holders ranging from open data to private data. In many more nations and economic regions, we can see open banking gaining more traction.

In the future, early movers and adopters are sure to see significant gains, and consumers are becoming increasingly apparent about their tech-based banking preference.

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