Powered by Innovations, Banks Initiate New Ways for SME Lending

Banking CIO Outlook | Monday, July 29, 2019

Implementing the advanced technologies in the SME loan process proves to be a boon and encourages the entrpreneurs to grow and develop their enterprises, regardless of size.  

FREMONT, CA: Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) contributes to the significant economic growth of the country; their need becomes necessary and essential for banks to support. Small enterprises from a regular customer of the bank, initiates the SME lending more easily. Today, the SME lending business is like a requirement for the banks, although the loans offered by the banks deliver various benefits to the growth and development of enterprises.  

Today, the digital approaches such as online loan applications, automated loan approval process, and online information portals help the individuals to accelerate the SME lending process. Sometimes the long term relationship helps the customers become more convenient and familiar with the banks, which allows them to access a personalized service and a first preference for the loan. The SME loan process requires the banks to divide all the method according to the number of customers, types of business, and their profiles. The new evaluation and reviews mechanism of the loan applications are automated and save the time of credit analysts. The automated platforms enable banks to create a competitive environment in the digital world.

Smart technical implementations reduce the cost of the loan process and streamline the decision-making process. Banks provide management tools and value-added services like mentorship, guidance, and support to spend working capital diligently. SME face multiple challenges in various stage of their financial growth, which raises the need for customized solutions. Offering virtual interactions with the financial advisors and managers proves to be a useful initiative from the banks. Online communications or booking appointment improves the bank service and chances of better loan utility.

Advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, data analytics, and various data tools build a secure infrastructure, which improvises the lending decisions, process, and better assessment of the creditworthiness of the borrowers. Restructuring the SME lending business, the digital era opens various opportunities for the small- and medium- enterprises with alternatives.   

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