Orion First Unveils Delinquency Manager for Lowering Losses

Banking CIO Outlook | Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Orion's product suite includes commercial loan and lease servicing and collection, portfolio management technology with client portal, data management, business analytics, and backup servicing.

Fremont, CA: Orion First has unveiled its latest business analytics product, Delinquency Manager. Delinquency Manager is a highly customizable dashboard that clarifies trends and meaningful factors affecting the delinquencies in equipment loan and lease portfolios. It allows Orion's clients to view and filter data by state, originator, industry, and other criteria to better understand what's happening and act swiftly and accurately on its insights.

"It's become a requirement for small business lenders to embrace analytics in order to remain competitive," says David Trost, VP Product & Analytics of Orion. "Our technology lets us combine data that our clients are already collecting with Orion First's proprietary data, to develop these amazing new tools for visualizing and reporting. Not just on portfolio performance, but also insights into market trends and potential pitfalls."

Delinquency Manager is aimed at helping executives simplify their data compilation, trend analysis, and pricing. It will help portfolio managers identify problem areas quickly and easily and communicate performance to a wide range of stakeholders.

The product is the latest in a string of recent releases from Orion, including its popular Customer Portal and Client Portal. Orion is also folding these technologies into a new program, Insights, that will offer both a la carte and client-only business analytics tools.

Features include:

  • Executive overview of portfolio health: trends in portfolio size, monthly delinquency, and summary of factors that have the biggest impact on delinquency
  • Interactive delinquency manager: compare performance across delinquency buckets and portfolio categories; slice or cross-filter by timeframe, origination source, industries, asset type, geography, or custom categories specific to your portfolio
  • Interactive roll rate analysis to develop delinquency expectations for the coming months: compare how different portfolio segments roll through delinquency buckets, slice or cross-filter the portfolio to compare performance amongst subsets
  • Customize your dashboard—or individual pages—with additional filters, such as risk rating, recourse, or categories unique to your business
  • 24 months of automatically updated delinquency data
  • Reports are easily exported into .PPT and .PDF for easy sharing

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