New Token Exchange Technology Enriching Loyalty Payment

Banking CIO Outlook | Friday, March 20, 2020

Igor Khmel, Founder & CEO

A fintech company is helping businesses use token exchange technology to display every trading order for trades.

FREMONT, CA: "We bridge the gap between the traditional banking and finance solutions with unique as well as flexible products and services," says Founder & CEO of BANKEX. BANKEX has launched TEX - Telegram Token Exchange technology platform. TEX is a token exchange engine, natively built into Telegram messenger. The Exchange matches and displays every trading order for trades made with the MainWallet ecosystem. The operating principle of TEX exchange is quite easy and can be used with any modernized messenger. Users can add a special bot, @mainwalletbot to their new or current group chat as admin, and then create an exchange using the format command. The format command creates an offer in a group chat, and another member of the group can answer it.  

TEX takes a commission from trades; the standard commission is now 0.25 percent for the maker and 0.25 percent for the taker. The revenue is then shared between the owner of PayBot and the administrator of the group in which the deal was created, creating an opportunity for every ecosystem participants to make money, not simply for the exchange as it is present in other markets. The token exchange with a native interface in the messenger has no analogs in the world now; it's an advanced and innovative financial technology. With TEX, users can make private exchanges and release a special PayBot and make transactions within the community. Telegram Token Exchange technology platform opens the loyalty market for any brand, merchant, or community.

BANKEX has found its mention in the Top 50 Fintech Companies by CIOReview. Bankex Group is a fintech organization, offering digital assets processing and blockchain-based endless securitization in money lending, real estate, and media markets. The company's mission is to connect regular people and small/medium business owners to capital markets.    

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