New Payment Personalization Engine for Customized Options

Banking CIO Outlook | Friday, January 10, 2020

A new payment personalization engine is empowering retailers to offer the most customized payment options.

FREMONT, CA: A leading payments technology company that provides seamless checkout experiences for retailers, Bread has launched Bread Edge. The new platform is a full-funnel payment personalization engine for brands and retailers. Bread Edge is the first integrated, designed payment experience that offers the right payment option at the right time. Retailers can, therefore, now deliver individualized pay-over-time options to their consumers on a single platform with the launch of Bread Edge. The company's payment and decision-making platform provides multiple payment options tailored for retailing brands and shoppers.

Bread Installments lets customers pay for more significant transactions over a more extended period of time. When making a purchase, price is the greatest point of friction for a consumer. Modern customers are embracing alternative payments and making payment choices that will align with their budget and with their financial needs. Customers choose convenience over anything at all. Buying $100-priced dress or spending $1000 on a couch, customers always prefer easy, fast, and flexible payment options.  A survey by Bread revealed that more big-ticket shoppers buy an item if installments are available than if the product is recommended by a friend. Seventy-three percent of shoppers have experienced significant stress about how to pay for a big-ticket item, and 74 percent say they would shop more at stores that offer interest-free installments.    

Bread Edge will revolutionize how consumers think about making purchases. The new platform offers shoppers a flexible payment option in real-time, giving retailers an effective way to remove pricing barriers and grow their revenue. With this single integration, retailers can now increase their pay-over-time solutions for both daily purchases and big-ticket items.

Bread is a technology-driven payments firm, partnering with retailers to customize payment options for customers. Bread integrates directly with retailers on their e-commerce site, giving them a single platform that lets them provide more alternatives to pay over time. Bread's full-funnel suggestion engine serves up the appropriate options at the right time, empowering retailers to improve conversion, sell more, and lift average-order-value. 

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