New Mobile Banking App Revolutionizing Daily Financing

Banking CIO Outlook | Tuesday, February 18, 2020

A new mobile banking app is bringing market-leading customer experience and economics to an even broader range of audiences.

FREMONT, CA: "Level is able to give customers dramatically better rewards and interest, a design-forward app, and superior customer support. Our goal is to revolutionize the way people engage with their finances on a daily basis," shared Bryce Galen, Founder, and CEO of Level, which has launched a mobile banking app that optimizes daily finances and provides early access to paychecks, without any fee.

The new mobile app offers one percent cashback on debit purchases and 2.10 percent APY on deposits. The banking service is the newest from the same team that is behind the debit-style credit card called Zero that is aimed at millennials who want the benefits of credit without the potential for overspending. Similar to Zero, Level targets a more youthful demographic no longer sees the need for physical banks.  "Level is the ultimate option for those who don't want to make any sacrifices when it comes to their own money," added Joel Washington, Founder, and COO of Level. "If you're one of the hundreds of millions of Americans who have wondered whether there's a better alternative to what antiquated big banks offer, I'm excited to introduce you to Level. It's time that banks actually keep up with customer wants and needs, not the other way around."

Level's new app provides users a seamless banking experience streamlining banking with all the best features under one roof. Customers can process requests and track spending directly from their phones. The app redeems cashback as soon as qualified purchase transactions settle in Level users' accounts. Level stays on top of all purchases, refunds, and transfers with real-time notifications, colorful merchant logos, transaction maps, and more in the app. The app has a modern, clean, almost minimalist design, making it easy to understand and navigate.

Level was built to deliver a market-pioneering customer experience to an even wider audience. The company is deeply dedicated to Level's mission of delivering a better way of banking — with a better app, better economics, and better support to the customer. Powered by the highly-secure modern banking system, Level comes with 24/7 service from its dedicated customer support team in California." Level was built to challenge the status quo in banking and put an end to the era of big banks holding people's money while giving them no interest, a clunky app experience, and frustrating customer service," concludes Galen.  

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