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Banking CIO Outlook | Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Companies are implementing innovative approaches to streamline financial advising strategies.    

FREMONT, CA: Chalice Financial NetworkTM, a first Software-as-a-Service-based member-benefit organization for autonomous financial advisors, has launched Reg-BI Readiness Platform. The new platform was intended to assist the independent financial advisor members of Chalice in serving their customers seamlessly and growing their companies under the unique regulatory setting formed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)'s new requirements.   

Chalice Financial Network prefers a consulting approach to assist tiny consultants to expand their company and remove fear from technology decisions. The company achieves this vision by developing a roadmap focusing on critical business pain points that drive value for wealth managers. For certified investors such as actual property and private placements not linked to other investments, the company provides wealth advisors with access to alternative investments in their portfolio. This allows clients to use a purpose-built technology platform to leverage streamlined investment procedures and increase their oversight of compliance over such investments.

It has never been more critical to guide customers through financial planning. Chalice's extensive and scalable technology-based for financial planning empowers consultants to satisfy their customers' wide variety of planning requirements.

Chalice Financial Network is a major third-party technology, asset management, wealth management, and company enterprise solutions provider based in San Diego for autonomous financial consultants across the nation, supplied through an exclusive membership framework. Chalice becomes the holy grail for Wealth Advisors with its capacity to aggregate and incorporate all the instruments and technology, goods and services that a wealth consultant requires throughout the lifecycle of a successful independent business.  

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