New Forensic Tool Expanding Corporate Data Security

Banking CIO Outlook | Friday, August 23, 2019

Ken Levine, CEO

Deploying the advanced forensic tool allows security professionals to acquire critical artifacts and protects organizational data without affecting the existing applications.  

FREMONT, CA: Digital Guardian, a leading provider of comprehensive data protection platforms to the industries, launches new free forensic artifact collection tool, DG Wingman. The company allows security professionals to collect all the necessary forensic data to investigate with the help of DG Wingman properly. Digital Guardian offers cloud application platforms across the corporate network, to protect data and sensitive information.

DG Wingman majorly focuses on collecting and acquiring critical artifact such as $MFT, event logs, registry, etc. The application can easily extract system information, scan dynamic and static data, network information, event log entries- includes entries of system, application, security and terminal services, registry hives- system, software, security, SAM and NTUSER, master file table, network information, and web history. The newly launched application can be easily run locally, regardless of the network with evidence access. Wingman’s advanced features include scanner function with the capabilities of collecting metadata from portable executable files. It allows the users to analyze the data looking for unsigned binaries, suspicious imports/ exports, malicious hashes, and more.

DG Wingman’s ability to pull strings from all executables benefits the users to run a local scan with more efficiency and effectiveness. The versatile tool can be used in many scenarios and easily acquire forensically or execute custom scripts and commands. Digital Guardian aims to provide ubiquitous data protection to the corporations and organizations through comprehensive security posture. Over the past decade, the company enabled data-rich organizations to protect the valuable assets through on-premises deployment and outsourced Managed Security Program (MSP). It implements cloud data protection with box solution, which facilitates collaboration, data exchange, and improved workflow in and outside the organization, starting from research to delivery.

Digital Guardian, a data loss prevention software company, was founded in 2003, challenges the security industry to expand facilities for Data Loss Prevention (DLP). Digital Guardian ranks among the Top 10 Risk & Compliance Solution Providers by Banking CIO Outlook. The company leverages the new Analytics & Reporting and Cloud service and also provides product suite for threat detection and avoid data exhilaration.  

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