MX Announces Meridian as the First Financial Institution to Leverage MX Pulse

Banking CIO Outlook | Monday, June 03, 2019

FREMONT, CA: MX, helping financial institutions utilize their data effectively to outperform the competition in rapidly evolving industry with its solutions announces Meridian as the first financial institution in Canada to select the self-guided financial wellness tool, MX Pulse.  

Choosing MX Pulse is part of Meridian's digital strategy and ongoing effort to encourage money sense and thereby a brighter financial future for all its members. Meridian members are expected to have proactive, personalized nudges on their smartphones on their need with Pulse alerts. MX Pulse will be made available, to all motusbank members across Canada once it is live, and open to Meridian members in Ontario.

By capitalizing data and the latest personalized AI tools, Meridian conveys to its customers that the company is sincere about improving their financial health. Being able to combine with MX and working together as partners will be an excellent deal for Meridian's members.

MX is delighted about Meridian and motusbank adopting MX Pulse to provide AI-driven insights and services to its members through mobile and online banking. The company showcases it as a beautiful example of an industry leader using the power of data to offer a world-class experience to its members and outpacing the competition in the rapidly evolving industry.

Meridian is Ontario's leading credit union and the third largest in Canada with more than 75 years of banking history. Acknowledged as a progressive and innovative financial services provider, it is also the parent company of Canada's newest digital bank, motusbank.   

The degree of demand from the business due to changing business requirements and provider offerings put pressure on the market data, information services, and IT organization. As a result of this, financial institutions are investing vast amounts on financial market data and other information services to support investment decisions. MX using its flagship products allows its clients to understand their customers in real time, to be truly customer-centric, empower them to grow faster and deliver an exceptional customer experience all while reducing costs.

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