mPOS Revolution is Here: Why Banks Need to Revamp their Payment System

Banking CIO Outlook | Wednesday, February 05, 2020

The mPOS revolution has arrived, giving banks the perfect opportunity to deepen their business relationships and thereby reinvent their market.

FREMONT, CA: Due to the impact of the advancement in technology, the way people make the payment is changing faster than ever. Understanding the trends in payments is essential for any bank wanting to serve the consumers to the fullest. Banks that offer merchant services are likely to offer advanced payment options, and mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) is the latest among the payment technologies. This means that banks must begin developing mPOS strategies as major merchants move to deploy mPOS technology in their stores.

mPOS technology simplifies the payment-making process. It allows businesses to establish better relationships with their consumers, creating a ripple effect that strengthens customer engagement at all levels. In this way, topping mPOS onto an existing mobile banking service can improve the customer-bank relationship, providing businesses with opportunities to engage with their potential customers, extend reach and ultimately optimize the banking and payment processes.

Financial institutions are already seeing their retail and small business consumers access mobile banking apps. With these progressions already in place, along with the trust in existing customer relationships, an mPOS offering can stand as a competitive product proposition to financial institutions. It allows financial firms to deepen their existing business relationships even further. Banks and other financial organizations can provide merchants with the mPOS service within an already established mobile banking platform, helping businesses streamline their money-involved processes better.

The last decade has seen several technological advancements in payment environments. mPOS is here to stay, and as banks move forward, its application is set to open new business opportunities. 

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