Moving into Digital model to Win the Digital world and Capture its Value

Banking CIO Outlook | Thursday, June 27, 2019

Digital technologies are to improve the efficiency or effectiveness of a method. The concept is to use technology not only to reproduce a current service in a digital form but also to better it.

FREMONT, CA: The banking world is going through a transformative change as traditional in-branch interactions are gradually being replaced by digital banking, mobile apps, and omni-channel banking experiences. Adopting an all-digital, the branchless system puts banks at the forefront of delivering velocity, comfort, and improved customer experience. This enables digital-only banks to appeal better to next-gen clients who value these characteristics above all else and pass on important cost savings.

In almost all sectors, consistently quick and reliable digital services are a must-have, but they take on a whole fresh level of significance in financial services. The need to master the art of real-time, personalized targeting, and data distribution coincides with the need to achieve outstanding 24x7 output. Users of digital banking tend to be technologically knowledgeable and well aware that there are other choices, just a click away. Consequently, any digital bank that does not target individual clients on an emotional level and provide seamless access to fluctuating information of the private economic life of clients in real time is jeopardizing these interactions.

Digital-only banks need to go beyond mass-delivered weak, automated emails. They need to be specialists in leveraging developments in predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to deliver appropriate services in real-time that individual clients consider additive versus intrusive. This needs digital banks to have a profound insight into the economic lives of their customers— their revenue, patterns of expenditure and earning, and more. Whereas the rise in mobile devices and digital banking gives customers a wide range of freedom, accessibility, and choice in how they conduct their banking, there still seems to be room for the physical branch, especially for certain types of transactions.

The promise to go all-digital sounds excellent in theory, and with tremendous achievement, some organizations were able to embrace this model. However, it can be naïve to think that it is a perfect solution, and without the correct strategy, a digital-only model's difficulties can far outweigh the cost advantages of eliminating physical branches. Any bank that contemplates moving to a digital-only model must obviously comprehend and be ready to meet the strict expectations that clients will impose.

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