Mobile-first Approach is Now the User's Favorite, Overtakes the Desktop Applications

Banking CIO Outlook | Wednesday, June 19, 2019

With altering customer practices and preferences, organizations are under growing pressure to adopt employee mobile technology to reinvent themselves digitally.

FREMONT, CA: More than half of the global internet traffic is powered by mobile devices, with present trends showing mobile share to rise to as high as 80 percent, as reported by Techjury. This trend is not restricted to any single internet section. Search volumes, access to social media networks, revenue from e-commerce, all indicate an ongoing transition to mobile compared to desktop.  

Whether business management, advertising, sales, SEO, social networks, promotions, software development, or relationship management are the day-to-day focus, the mobile device has become the preferred tool for job and communication increasingly. The speed and effectiveness of organization's plans, developmental strategies, and adaptiveness to produce mobile experiences of quality are likely to become the baseline for competitive advantage. In planning for digital customer communication, some organizations may continue to regard mobile as an "add-on" or additional effort. However, the ultimate winners are likely to be those who adopt the conduct change and produce what their clients want and need to create a purchase decision.

Not long ago, when people were looking for information, logging in and starting their searches, they would fire up their desktop computers or laptops. But now individuals are opening the mobile app directly to find it. Information ranging from sports results, train schedules for commuters, bank balances, and travel bookings are accessible anytime, anywhere. With altering customer practices and technology consumption making enterprise applications easy to use in the workplace, organizations are under growing pressure to adopt employee mobile technology and digitally reinvent their organizations.

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Increased regulations prompt digital reinvention, customers demanding more dedication, and competitors are entering the marketplace at an unprecedented rate. Companies will either be interrupted or used as a tool to disrupt the sector by technology. 

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