Microbusinesses in Spotlight: Thanks to FinTech

Banking CIO Outlook | Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Fintechs use new technology and innovation to develop new and better financial services both for companies and end-users. They deal with personal financial management, insurance, payment, asset management, loans, and digital payments.

Microbusinesses require microloans to start, run, or scale up their business, but going through the traditional bank procedures is a time-consuming and difficult task for them. A customer has to visit the bank multiple times and also should possess all the documents. Even though the small business or enterprises contribute a significant role in the economy, the financial institutions are not in favor with them to provide financial assistance as they require small amount and their exercises are inconsistent. Fintech helps businesses to overcome these difficulties in getting a loan by making the lending procedure instant, paperless, and convenient. All the verifications and approvals are performed online, so it helps with fintechs fraud detections if any.

Companies must keep track of their costs to sustain their business financially for a period of time.  An accounting system can monitor how the amount is brought into business and how it is being spent. The movement of a fund should be analyzed regularly in regard to investments and expenditures that help decide where the company stands from a financial standpoint and where it will be in the next few months.  Companies don’t generally end up with negative income; they may have an overflow of money at times. That cash can influence future chances for a company’s growth. Accountants say that the short-term investments help to pay off debts more quickly. In this way, the money will manifest its use through generated interest or shorter loan terms. Along these lines, the money will be used to gain more profit through premium terms produced or shorter credit terms.

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Fintech helps businesses, banks, and customers in risk management. With improved supply, new and innovative products, customized offers can be tailored to individual requirements. They have created vast opportunities for microbusinesses to grow themselves in the market like never before.

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