Machine Learning: Uncovering the Futuristic Banking Era

Banking CIO Outlook | Friday, June 28, 2019

Building on the technological advancement of machine learning can provide banks with new opportunities for growth and innovation.

FREMONT, CA: New technologies have already started showing how banks can get better at what they do. The application of machine learning to the financial industry has a lot of scopes. Computers that can pick up tasks, learn, and get better by themselves over time are going to change a lot of things and change several things. Although ML has had a delayed deployment in the industry, one can already see how it has become a catch phrase.

• Fraud Detection and Prevention

Financial frauds are one of the most critical issues financial firms face these days. Machine learning fraud detection software can assist banks in preventing frauds and scams with the help of sophisticated algorithms. The software can read and analyze patterns and predict possible attempts of fraudulent transactions with supreme levels of accuracy.

• Dynamic Risk-Management

Previously, risk-management involved predictions based on recorded data only. ML is improving this approach by including current market scenarios and relevant information, thereby improving the quality and relevance of forecasts that can help companies make informed decisions as well as prevent financial crimes.

• Making Customer Service and Marketing Better

ML, when incorporated into the AI-driven chatbots, can improve them substantially. AI chatbots do not perform beyond a particular level, but ML can enable them to pick up information and learn from it. This allows chatbots to adapt and facilitate better interaction with humans. ML applies predictive analytics and can take advantage of this to use data better. Understanding the audience behaviors gives companies to base marketing strategies on reliable predictions.

• Replacing Human Assistants

Virtual assistants equipped with ML can learn and adapt to human managers and their requirements. This makes for ideal tools in an office environment. There are high chances that virtual assistants will replace human assistants in the immediate future.

This is only the beginning of ML, and it has already found much of it's in the financial industry. The future might hold more surprises for banks and their customers, thanks to ML.

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