Linked Models for Risk Model Management Enables High Performance Portfolios

Banking CIO Outlook | Thursday, July 18, 2019

Customization of risk models allows the organizations to construct a strategic portfolio for low-risk investment approach.

FREMONT, CA: Axioma, the service provider for risk management companies, introduces linked models for risk model machine solutions. The new linked models provide a clear view of risk across regions or sectors to the professionals and develop stability in risk profile analysis from the front and the middle offices.

The global service can efficiently deploy various portfolios such as single-country models link to regional models for portfolio exposures, single-sector models link to different sector model for accurate risk analysis, and custom models link to Axioma base models to consistently view the risk across the enterprise.

The risk model machine helps to create portfolios with better risk models. The combination of well-researched data and tested model engine enables the seamless performance of the investment process and deliver unique insights into the organization. It understands both the internal and external portfolio returns and accelerates better communication between the models. The offered flexibility to combine the style factors from the library or third-party provider helps in prioritizing and focusing on the particular segments. Before the deployment, a professional can avail the advantage of the road test and refine the custom risk models. Service ranges include defining project scopes and requirements by analyzing the short and long term goals and leading to an efficient roadmap and best solution practices focusing on the priority. The dedicated research assists to build a strategic portfolio for best results.

The advanced portfolio management tools with new linked models can fully integrate with the custom risk models of the organization’s production and research workflow. Axioma advances with various products on risk management for superior service and support. Axioma designs a collaborative platform for professionals to construct a portfolio, manage risk on investments, and excel in trading performance. It covers full services from implementing the products to applying research-based inputs.   

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