Liberty Lending Is Renamed As Reach Financial

Banking CIO Outlook | Friday, July 29, 2022

FREMONT, CA: Liberty Lending will now be known as Reach Financial, a financial services company focused on producing technology and data driven lending solutions for customers.

 People can take control of their finances and pay off their debt quickly with the company's innovative and customizable personal loans. Reach Financial has previously offered personal loans as its primary products; however, it now intends to provide financial products and tools to help customers achieve their goals.

The Reach Financial underwriting process goes beyond credit scores to identify good borrowers. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, the Company approves applications that other lenders may overlook.

"I am thrilled to take the role of CEO of Reach Financial," said Daniel Tilipman. "I am extremely confident in our ability to grow Reach Financial into its next chapter as a leading financial services company that supports our customers on their financial journeys."

Daniel Tilipman has also been named CEO of Reach Financial. Daniel co-founded Reach Financial in 2014 with Alex Kleyner and has been involved with the Company's evolution ever since. Daniel served in that role for over a decade as a co-founder and president of National Debt Relief (NDR). Under his leadership, NDR evolved from a start-up company with twenty employees into the nation's largest debt relief company, presently employing over 2,000 people. During Daniel's tenure at NDR, he helped over 750,000 customers with more than $10 billion of consumer debt. His philosophy of customer centricity and a technology-driven approach to solving business problems in a customer-centric manner has helped him fuel that growth.

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