Leading Players Joining Forces to March Against Financial Crimes

Banking CIO Outlook | Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Daniel Suess, Commercial Director

Identity verification solution integrated with fraud prevention and compliance serves as the best tool to manage financial crimes effectively.  

FREMONT, CA: A strategic partnership between Ingenuous and Keesing Technologies delivers seamless integration between fraud and compliance management and automated ID checks to lenders and money remitters. The combination of Keesing’s automated ID verification solution AuthentiScan with Intuition by Ingenuous will increasingly improve security and efficiency. It allows lenders and money transmitters to enhance their KYC and AML policies, offering their customers a safe and convenient onboarding and protection against money laundering and other types of fraud.

As the world becomes increasingly connected, and security plays a vital role in the banking business. To build security and counter security concerns, one needs to verify the various identity documents integrated with high-end security features, which is a mammoth task for any business. How to validate myriad of ID documents in an efficient way is a crucial question arising in this scenario — Keesing Technologies holds the answer to this concern. Its industry-leading authentication solutions help the organization to detect fraudulent IDs and take appropriate remedial measures. Its solution enables banks to verify an individual’s identity. Its latest partnership with Ingenuous represents a real high-tech war against financial crimes.

Keesing Technologies’ AuthentiScan, a multi-channel automated ID verification solution helps banks and financial institutions verify the authenticity of ID documents. The company is a frontier in installing AuthentiScan across leading banks. The integration of the platform with the ’company’s database ensures thorough ID document verification as it enables customers to verify the authenticity of ID documents quickly by verifying up to 40 security features per ID in seconds. The database is updated by document acquisition specialists who acquire the details of the IDs by engaging with the manufacturers of identity documents, embassies, government agencies, and issuers to create easy-to-use and trustworthy reference material.

Keesing Technologies ranks among Top 10 Security Solution Providers by Banking CIO Outlook, promising an improved and secure customer experience for its clients.  

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