Know your Banking Technology Before you Use it

Banking CIO Outlook | Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Retail banking has been opening wide doors for the open banking system as well as blockchain, keeping in mind its safety.

FREMONT, CA: The international trends in financial technology are startling the retail banking industry from the inside out, whereas new technologies focus on sharing, openness, and transparency.

APIs via Open Banking:

The industry in the recent past has experienced an explosive growth in banking API development, which makes it possible for the non-banking companies to develop apps that are convenient to connect with banking information. Open banking for the customers, comes with a choice, as it provides new options for individuals along with businesses to access their data and carry out the transactions. It provides all services with complete transparency in fees and transaction costs, while adhering to the regulations.

Prominent Voice Banking:

There are a few banks which are implementing voice banking for services, like voiceprint technology, to more strongly authenticate callers and AI-driven bots to have interactions with customers. The industry needs to discover the right way to incorporate voice technology with services that enhance the customer experience, since the more value it offers; the more potential customers will demand it.

Deploying Blockchain:

Blockchain technology is broadly used in trade finance, particularly in cross-border transactions, but is still in its nascent stages in the retail and commercial banking space. Real-time is the primary resource for blockchain technology that gives an open-source platform to help banks securely perform their transactions. Banks necessitate building a shared network infrastructure to support collaborations as well as develop rules and regulations to make the network reasonable and efficient. Blockchain holds the ability to help banks in reducing the cost of processing payments and also creating new products and services that can generate crucial fresh revenue streams.

Cloud Tech for Banks:

In the banking industry, cloud technology already holds a firm grip as it ensures the comfort of banks in using cloud technology and storage from different vendors to offer better access and security to the customers.

Figuring out the Revenue and Costs:

The open banking system will entail banks to modify the way they consider costs and revenues. The correct use of open-banking technology, such as AI, can help in reducing low-return activities, cutting costs partly in customer-facing, back-office tasks, and radically changing the techniques of functioning.

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