Key Trends Upgrading Online Wealth Management

Banking CIO Outlook | Thursday, March 04, 2021

FREMONT, CA: The digital-age wealth management is witnessing massive transformations in terms of operations, demands, and even operational infrastructures. The shifting of traditional operational structures and service delivery processes to the digital platforms and applications encourage the wealth managers to build new business models, prioritizing the customer connectivity, customer-based services and offerings, and data-driven strategy development. The emerging technologies promise brilliant online-based wealth management solutions, influencing the creation of a new era. Some of such influential technology trends are listed below.

AI to Understand Customer

Over the past few years, AI technology has changed various sectors and proved to be a brilliant solution for achieving long-term benefits. In wealth management, AI has successfully accelerated the KYC and customer onboarding processes. Artificial intelligence helps the wealth managers accurately evaluate the digital documents in lesser time while complying with KYC and AML regulations. AI-based wealth management applications increase customer satisfaction by enabling 24/7 customer services, through chatbots and instant response. Top 10 RegTech Solution Companies - 2020

Cloud-based Communication

Cloud computing-based wealth management operational infrastructure increases the performance efficiency of wealth managers and their organizations. Cloud-based infrastructures enable the changed rules and regulations to be updated instantly. This advanced technology also allows the professionals to instantly access required information across the network and expert suggestions if necessary. Cloud technology helps the wealth managers perform their operations in a more secure network, while seamlessly communicating and sharing valuable information to their clients and customers regardless of physical locations.

Blockchain Security Standards

Blockchain technology is already popular for delivering high-standard security solutions to many digital portals and applications. Deploying the blockchain technology across the wealth management portals can streamline direct interaction between the service providers and customers while eliminating the need for any intermediaries, even for transactions. This technology delivers traceable blocks containing information about previous activity or transaction that creates a network of encrypted data and reduce the chances of any forgery.

There are more trends available in the present market that contributes to upgrading online wealth management operations and performance. The coming years are expected to be technology-dominated, which makes it highly essential for the wealth managers to invest in innovative solutions.

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