Is Sensor Tech the Secret of Enhanced ATM Security?

Banking CIO Outlook | Thursday, July 30, 2020

Automating and easing bank transactions, ATMs stand valuable, and sensor technology comes in as a savior for banks that are heedful of ATM security.   

FREMONT, CA: The ATM remains a critical element of the modern banking industry. ATM has an essential role in terms of both how customers access their accounts and how banks deliver their services. Banks are doing everything they can to guarantee security across their ATM network, and sensor-based security is regarded as a perfect solution for this. Know more here.

About a decade ago, sensors seemed like something from a movie. Sensors are now

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 ubiquitous all over the world. Banks are using sensors to keep their ATM machines safe from being broken or stolen. Hence, sensor has become an integral part of surveillance for ATM. Sensors can also sense situations in which one hits the ATM machine hard, with an intention to damage or break it. When such an act is identified, an alert can be raised, and the hackers can be caught in the law. Sensors are also used in bank branches, as well. If there is any unauthorized entry in the premises during off-hours, the sensors on the doors can trigger an alert.

An image sensor can also be used in ATM so that it can detect and send the information that makes up an image. ATM does so by conv

erting the light waves as they pass through or reflect off objects into signals. These waves can be those of light or other electromagnetic radiation. This kind of image sensors can be used for ATM security in the form of electronic imaging devices of analog and digital types, which include a digital camera, camera modules, night vision equipment, and many more. The images gathered from image sensors can help bankers improve ATM’s security. 

The ATM device is always exposed to crime, and ATM surveillance service is incomplete without harnessing the power of sensor technology.

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