Ipsidy Launches Proof: A Mobile App for Identity Proofing

Banking CIO Outlook | Friday, March 15, 2019

Ipsidy, a New York, NY-based company, which provides secure, biometric identification, identity management, and electronic transaction processing services, launches a mobile identity proofing solution called Proof.

Proof uses government-issued credentials and real-time biometrics to provide remote mobile biometric identity verification and transaction authentication for all types of high-integrity business interactions with 'know your customer' (KYC) requirements. These business interactions include significant financial transactions, application, processes of account opening, remote employee and student on-boarding, the sale of age-restricted products, verification of building access, and many more. Proof can disrupt the traditional methods of business interactions, which involves the requirement of official ID check and in-person events and many other grueling processes. The mobile app allows the customers to initiate two-step remote identity check within minutes, providing them with the necessary certainty.

Proof uses the camera of a mobile device to scan a government ID and extract valuable information. The app uses NFC capability to read and validate the data that is stored inherently in government-issued e-Passports and e-IDs and provides an official identity check. After the validation of the ID, Proof captures a selfie to match against the image stored within e-passports, e-IDs and any other form of government-issued ID. The mobile app cross-checks all the factors and upon successful confirmation provides the report to the customers, which includes all data extracted from the credentials like the stored and live facial image data, a score of the biometric match, and a record of active end-user consent to the entire process.

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Ipsidy offers a straightforward installation process of the proof app. The users can leverage the mobile app into their businesses from a secure online portal, which does not require any integration. The app allows the agents to enter the mobile phone of the customer who uses Ipsidy’s mobile app to complete the verification process in seconds. In addition to that, Ipsidy also provides a fully customized proof system in which the system developers have to integrate their existing business systems to the company’s IDaaS platform using their REST APIs.  

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