Intelligent Mobile Security is no Maze! Upgraded On-Device Anti-Phishing Solution is Out

Banking CIO Outlook | Friday, August 30, 2019

Identifying and protecting against mobile cyber attacks calls for novel technology, explicitly designed for mobile threat defense.

FREMONT, CA: Zimperium—a mobile security provider that offers protection for mobile devices against the next generation of attacks— adds enhancements to its zIPS anti-phishing protection. zIPS is the first and only on-device, machine learning-based mobile phishing detection solution providing flexibility to develop security and privacy levels by groups.

“Because email is the most common communication vector for phishing attacks, most organizations have attempted to stop phishing via email or web gateways or next-gen firewalls,” remarks  Madhav Sonthalia, Zimperium’s Chief Product Officer. “However, nobody has been able to develop a complete solution until now. Leveraging our proven and established technical expertise in machine learning was paramount to delivering the most comprehensive and complete anti-phishing solution for mobile devices. By combining on-device machine learning-based phishing detection with Zimperium’s existing industry-leading detections for the other major attack vectors like malicious apps, Zimperium continues to lead and redefine mobile enterprise security.”

Researches reveal that the number of phishing attacks that took place in 2018 is double the previous year. The rise of mobile technology has an increasing role to play in this. Mobile phones are packed with valuable information, which is to be guarded, but the existing security solutions fail to. With these scams continuing to proliferate at alarming rates, all businesses need to understand and manage them. This is where Zimperium steps in offering real-time protection against phishing attacks. Zimperium's Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) technology provides continuous, on-device monitoring and analysis capabilities that detect mobile cyber-attacks. Enterprises are benefiting from these most responsive protection strategies on the market against all kinds of cyber-attacks.

Zimperium aims to provide mobile device security insight and intelligence. In recognition of delivering an industry-leading mobile security solution, the company ranks among the Top 10 KYC Solution Providers, by Banking CIO Outlook. Zimperium offers an overall end-point compliance program and provides exclusive solutions for the stringent requirements of GDPR and PSD2.  

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