Innovative Treasury Management Solutions Gaining Traction Worldwide

Banking CIO Outlook | Thursday, July 18, 2019

Thomas Leitch, Vice President, Business Development

With technology driving automation, visibility, and security, treasurers can find answers to almost all the challenges they face.   

FREMONT, CA: TreasuryXpress, the worldwide leader of on-demand Treasury Management Solutions (TMS), achieves the sales growth of 83 percent across the Americas, EMEA, and MENA areas for its on-demand TMS. The company expects another triple-digit development in the immediate future. The company attributes its ongoing development to the scalability and flexibility of its on-demand TMS model as well as its leading, in-house system of customer experience for execution and support.

Created for speed and effectiveness, the on-demand TMS model of TreasuryXpress considerably eliminates manual procedures for treasury teams throughout all phases of the lifecycle technology and promotes interactivity on the platform. TMS model, powered by sustainable digital technology, is characterized by a frequent and monitored Agile development methodology, instant customer login, brief execution times, responsive results, and digital integration and connectivity.

The solution helps handle money distribution and hedging seamlessly, signatories of accounts, national and cross-border payments, and also aims to legitimize bank communications. In addition, the 'Book Generator' is another flagship solution of the company that is deft in automating appropriate reports that prove crucial in providing treasurers more time to be their company needs' strategic partner.

TreasuryXpress is ranked as one of the Top 10 Treasury Management Solution Provider Companies in the world, by Banking CIO Outlook magazine. The company is known for developing robust, cost-effective, and easy-to-implement treasury management solutions to all businesses. With 10,000+ daily centralized bank accounts and $8B annually processed digital payments, our customers can attain 100 percent bank connectivity and money visibility, handle liquidity and capital expenditures while automating and securing end-to-end payment processing.  

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