How RegTech is Addressing New Regulatory Challenges

Banking CIO Outlook | Friday, November 08, 2019

Deploying regtech solutions allows finance professionals to cope with the changing rules and regulations and maintain compliance more effectively.

FREMONT, CA: Businesses across all the industries always try to stand through the market risks and rewards. The new-age professionals, especially from the finance sector, understand the importance of strong regulatory management systems for their institutions. A perfect regulatory system can simplify the maintenance of compliance, improve the insights of operations and generated data, and open new revenue opportunities.Top RegTech Solution Companies

The rapidly emerging regtech has mostly attracted the attention of finance professionals in the past few years. From onboarding customers, monitoring operations, detecting risks, scheduled reporting to controlling financial assets, deployment of regtech upgrades the regulatory management systems of financial institutions to an entirely new level. Regtech allows finance professionals to monitor financial assets and manage multiple transactions more efficiently. With numerous business opportunities, the ever-growing finance market also brings various challenges related to rules and regulations. Addressing the new regulatory problems, regtech continues to streamline compliance workflow across the financial institutions.    

• Maintaining Data Quality

Maintaining good data quality is one of the essential factors for risk aggregation. The latest regtech solutions are integrated with data analysis and artificial intelligence, which help finance professionals focus on their institutions' data quality to achieve a better selling point. In-depth features offered by regtech solutions can tackle the ongoing challenges of data quality.

• Avoiding Regulatory Penalties

Regulations like Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) are associated with costly fines, if not followed properly. Regtech solutions can help financial institutions avoid penalties by automatically monitoring and following up on the regulations. The automated features of regtech keep track of current regulatory practices of the institutions and highlight particular rules for updating if needed.

• Identifying Risks and Forgery

Regtech also plays the role of risk detection tools, especially for financial institutions, and eliminating any chance of forgery. Powered by innovative features, regtech solutions can smartly analyze the entire workflow and identify suspicious activities with advanced surveillance.

Today, companies across the globe put efforts to understand and follow laws and regulations precisely. New technologies promise to bring transformation in the already existing ways. To keep an excellent track of changing laws and regulations, companies, especially from the financial sector, approach regtech solutions, and experience long-term regulation assessment. 

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