How New Features in Mobile Banking App Serve Freelancers

Banking CIO Outlook | Monday, February 03, 2020

The upgraded mobile banking app with feedback-generated suggestions helps freelancers access the best banking services.

FREMONT, CA: Joust, a banking service provider for smaller businesses and freelancers, has launched an improved mobile banking app from its beta version.  The revamped app includes features like analytics dashboard and debit card management. The newly launched app is an optimized version of the previous one from Joust. Customer feedback has been given precedence in creating the current version of the all-inclusive banking app for the self-employed.

The upgraded app from Joust is meant to empower freelancers with convenient banking and financial management capabilities. Unlike big business firms that have dedicated teams for financial management, smaller businesses and individuals often have to take care of everything with limited resources. Joust's newly improved app comes with an analytical dashboard, the Joust Visa debit card management feature, invoice creation/payments, and much more. Along with these new additions, the app will continue to offer its invoice-guaranteeing product, PayArmour™, which funds client invoices and its FDIC-insured bank account combined with a merchant account.     

Statistics from reports point at the fact that the trend of freelancing is on the rise. Joust's mobile banking app is thus being upgraded accordingly. With the new features in Joust's app, users can seamlessly visualize crucial financial information, manage payments from clients, and easily integrate various channels of payments to streamline transactions. The focus of Joust's mobile banking offering is to make finances convenient and less taxing for freelancers. By using the comprehensive and intuitively designed app, users can spare more time and energy towards actual work. Be it navigation or control, the recently launched mobile banking app has it all optimized for users. The app addresses the specific needs of freelancers that conventional banking apps do not. Throughout the year, Joust will continue upgrading its mobile banking app.

Joust aims to offer the conveniences of the best banking services to individuals and small businesses that are otherwise reserved for big companies. One of the best offerings from the company is the invoice payment protection tool that resolves late or non-payment of dues by clients. With a vibrant outlook and an able team, Joust is set to serve the freelancers with its highly flexible banking services.

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